Mathieu Memorials Products

  • Headstones

    Products - Headstones
    Also referred to as gravestones, monuments, or tombstones, headstones are the most common type of cemetery memorial. A headstone is normally made up of two pieces. The top piece is called a “tablet”, and is set on a matching piece of granite known as a “base.” Click here for photos.

  • Slant Markers

    Products - Slant Markers
    A slant marker or monument typically stands 18″ in height with the front slanting at an angle. A slant can be set on the ground, but families often wish to set it on a matching base for better visibility and protection from damage. Click here for photos.

  • Grass Markers

    Products - Grass Markers
    Grass markers are also called footstones, flush markers, and grave markers. Granite markers often lay flush with the ground, but many are raised from ground level with a slight bevel. They are typically 24″ x 12″ but can be larger depending upon individual cemetery requirements. All our markers are a minimum of 4″ thick to prevent cracking or snapping. Thinner markers are more prone to damage from cement trucks, cemetery equipment, and the elements. Click here for photos.

  • Bronze Markers

    Products - Bronze Markers
    Many cemeteries allow or require bronze memorials or bronze plaques. Bronze markers are mounted to either a granite or cement base which serves as a foundation. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Click here for photos.

  • Granite Benches

    Products - Granite Benches
    Granite benches have typically been used as landscape furniture at private residences. However, using granite benches as a cemetery memorial is growing in popularity. Many families find that a personalized bench can be a peaceful and fitting tribute to their loved one. Click here for photos.

  • Custom Etchings

    Products - Custom Etchings
    All our etchings are created inhouse by our staff,  etches by hand, no laser equipment is used. This results in a more clear and realistic image. Our staff works closely with each family during the design and etching process. Click here for photos.

  • Mausoleums

    Products - Mausoleums
    A private mausoleum is a granite building, often with stained glass windows, statuary, and a bronze door. There are also smaller versions available without doors or windows.

  • Pet Portraits

    Products - Pet Portraits
    A pet memorial is a wonderful way to honor and pay tribute to the animals that enrich our lives. Using a photo of your pet, Our staff will etch a beautiful portrait on granite that can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Portraits can be shipped nationwide. Click here for photos.