Mathieu Memorials Services

Cemetery Lettering

If additional names, dates, or other carvings need to be added to an existing stone, Mathieu Memorials provides quality, on-site sandblast lettering services. We make a “rub” of the stone with a special contact paper, and use a computer program so we can perfectly match the font, size, and spacing of the existing lettering on your family’s monument. The carving is performed at the cemetery, with no need to remove or disturb the memorial. Although we are happy to take orders throughout the year, we sandblast on-site from April to December due to the climate.

Leveling & Resetting Monuments

Mathieu Memorials offers monument leveling services. If an older stone in the cemetery is leaning, tipping, or has fallen, damage can occur to the monument. It can also be a potential safety hazard to those visiting the cemetery. We will remove the stone, re-level the foundation, and reset the monument.

Granite Monument Cleaning

As the years go by, monuments can become stained or dirty from pollen, tree sap, grass clippings, moss, algae, or climatic conditions. We are happy to clean your family’s memorial, which in most cases will restore the stone to its original condition. We use a combination of power washing equipment and gentle cleansers on the stones.