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champagne Pirate Float. 1/2 oz. Drinking: Casino 3 to 4 oz. The Good Doctor: Dr. James Kauffman/A Brief History of Medicine, We're playing doctor.                        3/4 oz. Empress 1908 Gin Since 1908, travelers from around the world have fallen in love with the Fairmont Empress Hotel for its majestic grandeur, picturesque vistas, and incomparable afternoon tea service. Garnish with a star anise. Coors: The Coors Family/Kidnapping of Adolph Coors III, We record remotely during the stay-at-home order. simple syrup Bekah details the life of actress Hedy Lamarr; a woman who was known for her beauty but influenced our daily lives with her brain. Lemon wheel for garnish Ha'Penny Rhubarb Gin 1.                  1 1/2 oz. Toronto Cocktail: The Boyd Gang/Gooderham and Warts. Cointreau Dry Vermouth Drinking: The Silver Bullet 2 oz half and half       In flute, rocks glass, or plastic cup mix together any combination of Irish Whiskey and (hopefully) chilled Champagne, Bonus: St. Patrick's Day/Super Late X-Mas Exchange. Place all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and shake to combine. Shelley gives us another heist with the 300 Million Yen incident. Shake and strain into a lowball glass with ice.               1 Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Read more Quick View. 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth Champagne Always bet on black. Add the egg white. Drinking: The Toronto Cocktail 4. Garnish with lemon twist. This gin sour recipe is a signature cocktail from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria uses their signature Empress 1908 Gin. The Silk Road Cocktail: The Marco Polo Task Force/The OG Silk Road. Shake all ingredients in shaker, strain into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with lime, Champagne: History of Champagne/Steve Hricko, On this inaugural episode, Bekah gives us the history of champagne while Shelley tells us about the murder of Steve Hricko all while sipping on Domain Chandon. simple syrup Purple food coloring (or a mixture of blue and red). Garnish with mint sprig and lime wheel. Shake, then strain into chilled cocktail glass. Nov 15, 2020 - Empress 1908 Gin Cocktails. Put all ingredients into shaker, shake, strain into ice-filled old fashioned glass, Aviation Cocktail: The Hijacking of TWA Flight 847/ The Wright Brothers, The Aviation Cocktail. Add an ounce of Campari and an ounce of lemon juice.            1 oz. Shake vigorously. Dark Rum Splash of grenadine Garnish with lime wheel. Shake well with ice. Combine mezcal, juices, and maraschino in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Drinking: 2016 New Clairvaux Barbera, Earthquake: 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Herbert Mullin. The Clover Club is a classic variation on a gin sour that uses fresh rapberry syrup for a bright and delicious fruity flavor. Maraschino Shelley recounts the story of accused murderess Grace Marks, the inspiration for the series "Alias Grace;" while Bekah tales the tale of Grace O'Malley, badass Pirate queen of Ireland. While under shelter-in-place orders, we talk quarantine. Top with champagne. Drinking: Have a Heart Cocktail 1/2 oz. Wild Roots Cucumber & Grapefruit Infused Gin ... Sold out. Divide between six glasses or pudding moulds and leave to cool. Garnish with brandied cherries. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Strain into chilled coupe glass. 1 dash Yuzu bitters or other citrus bitters While enjoying the refreshingly blue concoction, we talk toilets. The original gin sour from the 1880s did not include eggâ that was reserved for an In a blender filled with ice, pour entire can of frozen orange juice concentrate. We had beautiful rooms 2-3 oz Cabernet Sauvignon In a twisted love tale, Shelley details the so-called San Francisco Witch Killers, Suzan and Michael Bear Carson. The Fairmont's Gin Sour Is the Prettiest You'll Ever Drink This gin sour recipe is a signature cocktail from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. In champagne flute, pour the Godiva and the Chambord. Benedictine Pour gin or vodka into the mixture, add ice, shake until well chilled. Thanks to a listener submission from Kevin C., we drink the absinthe laced Inside Job cocktail while talking about the Pappy Van Winkle bourbon heist and the Trojan Horse legend. lemon juice While drinking the Queen Elizabeth Wine cocktail, we talk all things Elizabeth. Maraschino Liqueur Jun 4, 2020 - This gin sour recipe is a signature cocktail from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. Shelley recounts the numerous failed assassination attempts on United States Presidents. Drinking: Dark and Stormy                 2 oz. Let the evening be-gin… Combine all ingredients but tonic water into a shaker with ice. The Clover Club is a classic variation on a gin sour that uses fresh rapberry syrup for a bright and delicious fruity flavor. In shaker, muddle 3 sprigs of thyme, ginger, sugar, and lemon juice. Light Rum combine all ingredients (except lime wheel) in  a shaker with ice. Shelley details the elaborate scheme to forge an autobiography of Hughes by writer Clifford Irving. 2 dashes Angostura bitters But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Empress Gin Sour $ 13.00. 11½ . The color is beautiful and the taste is subtle botanical. ¾ oz. Empress 1908 gin is what I used in the Lavender Empress recipe. Muddle mint leaves with lime juice in cocktail shaker. Pour a shot (or more) of whisky. Bekah recounts some historic heat waves that shaped how we deal with excessive heat to this day. 1 oz kahlua ½ oz maraschino liqueur 1/2 oz. 1/2 oz. Concord. It’s infused with butterfly pea blossom, and it’s naturally blue. Strain into cocktail glass filled with ice. Drinking: Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs.             1/2 oz. Shelley examines the timeline of events that led to Natalie Wood's death and the aftermath including naming Robert Wagner a person of interest. 2 dashes Angostura Bitters Campari nitrogen carbonated absolut vanilla vodka, baileys, kahlua, cold brew 9 * make it vegan . Shelley gives us the story of Lee Israel and the counterfeiting that lead to her arrest. lavender simple syrup* 1/2 oz. Pour vodka, kahlua,and cream into a rocks glass filled with ice. Drinking: The Clint 1/2 oz. Shelley electrifies us with Tesla vs. Edison and their war of the currents. It uses the signature Empress 1908 Gin, changing colour with acidity because of the butterfly pea flower which changes from indigo to violet purple. Top with chilled champagne. The Millionaire Cocktail. 2 oz. Drinking: The Scottish Breakfast Cocktail Heavy Cream 6 oz. Lemon Juice casamigos mezcal, giffard crème de violette, luxardo maraschino, lemon juice, sugar $ 21. Swedish Punsch Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with your choice of garnish; olives, pearl onions, twist of lemon. Lemon Juice           Fresh Nutmeg for Garnish 4 oz Prosecco or Champagne cherry heering liqueur Stir or shake (your preference) the gin or vodka with ice. Bulleit Bourbon Mar 15, 2019 - Last week I had the opportunity to go on my first industry trip to Victoria, British Columbia, sponsored by Empress 1908 Gin. Drinking: The Yellow Bicycle Summer Cocktails. splash of lime juice ice Calvados Shake all ingredients vigorously in cocktail shaker. 4 dashes orange bitters (or blend), The Old Switcheroo: Ronald and Donald Anderson/Tesla vs. Edison. lemon juice 1/2 oz. Drinking: The Greyhound 1.5K shares. et se sert dans un verre à whisky line-height: 1.5em; That's a little more potent than a glass of wine and about half of a gin martini.           1 Egg White The original gin sour from the 1880s did not include eggâ that was reserved for an                       1/2 oz. Serve on the rocks. 1 oz. Queen Victoria. 1 dash grapefruit bitters. 1/2 oz. If you want to make the color really pop, use Empress 1908 gin. 1/2 oz.                     1 tsp. Ha'Penny Rhubarb Gin 1. chilled water 2 oz. Drinking: Dragon's Heart Be prepared for a frank discussion of execution techniques (maybe another scotch will make it more palatable) Drinking: a Coffee Cocktail      1 oz Rye Whiskey $34.99. Pour vodka into ice filled glass, add lemonade. 1/2 oz. Shake. Garnish with cherry. Flame grapefruit peel into the drink, rub the peel on the side of the glass, and discard. https://ginobserver.com/gin-cocktails/gin-sour-the-perfect-recipe Bekah talks about the life and rise of Fidel Castro, while Shelley explores the many ways people (including the US Government) had tried to kill Fidel. 10½ . Add your favorite libation to a hot or iced coffee and enjoy! peeled ginger (roughly chopped)             1/2 oz. Just in time for the start of the 2019 Tour de France, we drink the Yellow Bicycle and talk cycling. $39.99. While sampling the Silver Bullet Cocktail, we discuss the murder of Aristos Constantinou, also known as the "Silver Bullet" murder, then explore Greek mythology and the origins of vampires. Junipero Gin, Dingle Gin and Nikka Coffey Gin Bundle. Pomegranate Grenadine Powdered Sugar Combine gin, lemon juice, and Grand Marnier in a large pitcher; chill until very cold, at least 2 hours â ¦ A birthday brunch enjoyed with a French 75. Okay, not really, but we are talking doctor. 1 egg white. Peach, Vanilla and Fig Old Fashioned 2K Total Shares.                       Maraschino Cherry for Garnish Dry Gin Firestone Walker 805 Blonde Ale is on tap. This cocktail is on the sweeter side, but not too sweet. While drinking the Call Me a Cab cocktail, the girls discuss the murders of two Houston cab drivers by killer couple Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear, then detail some history of the cab industry. Shelley talks about the rampage killing by Elliot Rodger, while Bekah goes classic and details the infamous Typhoid Mary. Strain into a copa glass on fresh ice. So grab yourself a boozy eggnog and give it a listen.                  1 oz. Divide between six glasses or pudding moulds and leave to cool. Add all ingredients to mixing glass filled with ice. Listen to Empress Gin Sour: Disappearance Of Marie Empress/Catherine The Great Part 1 and sixty-one more episodes by Crime And Time On The Rocks, free! Sugar ruby red grapefruit juice Rim lemon peel around rim. Garnish with one cocktail onion. 1. Shelley describes the terrible murder of Elyse Pahler while Bekah talks about the mysterious death of movie star Thelma Todd. 2-3 dashes Scrappy's Lavender Bitters Honey Syrup ½ oz. Pour all ingredients besides Champagne into a chilled champagne flute. Spruce Goose: The Spruce Goose/Clifford Irving. ¾ oz fresh grapefruit juice Top with champagne and a splash of grenadine. Build over ice and stir. 3 dashes Aztec chocolate bitters The Millionaire Cocktail: Charles Crocker/Issei Sagawa. 1 oz gin 3 lime wedges Peach Spritzer. Drinking: The Aviation Cocktail After the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, we drink the Earthquake cocktail while discussing the SF Earthquake including first-hand accounts and also Herbert Mullin, the man who thought he could prevent an earthquake by killing people. apricot liqueur Acid Phosphate 1/2 oz grapefruit juice Endless Summer: Historic Heat Waves/Murf the Surf. Smith and Wesson Cocktail: The James-Younger Gang/The Shotgun Bandit. Junipero Gin, Dingle Gin and Nikka Coffey Gin Bundle. Victoria was an important connection point between the Canadian Pacific Railway and the emerging Pacific shipping industry at the time the hotel was built. We're drinking the Hemingway, so of course we're talking Ernest. Pinch of salt Drinking: Modern Love Add to cart. Highly recommend. Garnish with 2 drops of Angostura bitters and a blood orange slice. 6. Primary Menu.                     1 tsp. Shelley tells the story of the murder of James Schlosser while Bekah details the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Drinking: The Painkiller 2 star anise Add rum, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters. lemon juice 1/2 oz. Drinking: Firestone Walker 805 Blonde Ale, The Russian Bear Cocktail: Mikhail Lesin/Rasputin. Blend thoroughly.            4 oz. Drinking: The Casablanca $0. ¾ oz. 3.4 oz. Bekah discusses the fascinating family history, while Shelley describes the tragic kidnapping of Adolph Coors III. 2oz Empress 1908 gin .75oz fresh squeezed and strained lemon juice .75oz maraschino liquor .25 of rich simple syrup (optional but good for those who like sweeter drinks) The white of one medium egg *Dry shake vigorously Add Two dashes of fee bothers orange bitters. Drinking: The Old Cuban The Frosted Cranberry Empress Gin Cocktail has all the flavors of the holiday season! NITRO SHAFT. We are totally hooked. Top with champagne. In cocktail shaker, add lime wedges, elderflower liqueur, and 3 drops of bitters, muddle well. Reposado Tequila Drinking: The Old Switcheroo ginger beer These cookies do not store any personal information. Empress 1908 indigo gin, lemon and lime juice and egg whites. Drinking: Cosmopolitan             1/2 oz. cranberry juice Creme de Violette 3/4 oz. Bekah explores the history of the greyhound as a dog breed and examines the legacy of racing and betting that the dog is known for. 1/2 oz. Then we discuss the little known story of Suzanna Gubasheva. 1/4 oz. Soda Water The Best Sweet And Sour Mix Gin Recipes on Yummly | Best-ever Long Island Iced Tea, 6 Modern Vodka Cocktails For National Vodka Day, Gin …               1 dash Absinthe Shake, and strain into cocktail glass. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. ginger liqueur It uses the signature Empress 1908 Gin, changing colour with acidity because of the butterfly pea flower which changes from indigo to violet purple. Wh en Peter Hunt set out to create a gin to celebrate the centennial of Victoria’s historic Fairmont Empress Hotel, he chose both classic and unique botanicals.. Drinking: The Ohio Cocktail Lemon Juice Shake all ingredients until frothy. Gin Lemon Juice Shelley tells the story of a very brazen heist of the Empress Sisi Star. Hemingway Daiquiri: Hemingway, the war years/Lee Israel. Dave's drink of choice is a gin sour made with Empress 1908. The Casino Cocktail: Harvey's Hotel Bombing/Monaco. This gin sour recipe is a signature cocktail from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. 1 oz. I was introduced to Empress 1908 Gin a while back and it quickly became a staple in my home bar. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 1 tsp. Kurant Affair: The Dreyfus Affair/Suzanna Gubasheva. Add lemon juice until the glass is about 3/4 full. Double strain into a coupe glass. Empress 1908 gin is what I used in the Lavender Empress recipe. Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Recently, you might have noticed a lot of love across the internet for purple gin.                       3/4 oz. 2020 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. Shelley talks about London's infamous Spaghetti House Siege while Bekah examines the fascinating life of Lucrezia Borgia. While sipping on a delicious Painkiller cocktail made with Pusser's Rum, we talk about the Opium Epidemic and discuss the Excedrine Murders. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Orange slice          3/4 oz. Add 2oz of grapefruit soda and layer the remaining 1oz of Empress 1908 Gin on top. Lemon Juice In a fascinating episode, we drink an old favorite; the Orange Blossom while Shelley talks about the Fatty Arbuckle scandal and Bekah recounts the interesting history of the Orange industry in California. dark rum After getting a killer listener submission the gals drink the Fitzgerald cocktail while musing about the life of Zelda Fitzgerald and the related Hall-Mills Murders. Drinking: Quarantini We remind all guests that as per New York City law masks are required at all times when getting up from your table, and please do not stand and mingle between tables. Drinking: Kurant Affair Drinking: The Gold Rush Cocktail Coffee Cocktail: The Indonesian Coffee Murder/Origin of Coffee and Coffee Houses. Twist peel, drop into glass. May 22, 2019 . While sipping on two of these delicious cocktails, Shelley discusses the mysterious death of Mikhail Lesin while Bekah explores the life of Rasputin. Whether it’s Sweet Violet Gin turning heads with its crazy Parma Violets taste or Boë bringing violet gin to the people, there’s a whole new shade of gin on the scene.. One to add to the purple gin list is Empress 1908.New to the UK in 2018, the gin is actually a colour changing gin. Drinking: Smith & Wesson Cocktail Shelley describes the life of baseballer and criminal Denny Mclain, while Bekah tells us the history of the Rawlings Golden Glove Award. Rinse cocktail glass with dry vermouth, discard any extra. Garnish with maraschino cherry, Have a Heart Cocktail: James Schlosser/St. Strain into chilled coupe glass. 2 oz. We talk boxing and mafia in this episode while sipping on Champagne Citrus Punch. 1/2 oz.                 3/4 oz. Lavender French 75 Cocktail/ For similar martini glasses press here The Royal Treatment. Garnish with a … 2 oz. simple syrup Bekah talks about another lusty lady, Gypsy Rose Lee. Garnish with a mint sprig and an orange wheel. Search. We stayed at the historic Fairmont Empress Hotel, which was the inspiration for the gin’s creation. Chill over ice and strain into cocktail glass.              1 dash Cointreau 5 dashes Angostura bitters While sipping on the Toronto Cocktail, we explore the great white north. 1 oz. Stir. Finish with a dash of bitters. 10 year old scotch Mix rum, lemon juice, Cointreau, gin, and orange juice. Grab yourself a cup of joe and have a listen. Muddle the kiwi. get the recipes! Shelley recounts the murder of Mirna Salihin in which her friend Jessica Wongso was convicted. champagne Rye 4 sprigs of fresh thyme Dashes of Extinct Chemical Co. See more ideas about gin cocktails, gin, cocktails. Add to cart. 3 oz champagne or sparkling wine While sipping on a classic whisky sour, Bekah talks about the 1811 German Coast Slave Uprising, which was born out of the sugar industry. Butterfly pea blossom lends the spirit its deep colour. fresh lime juice For this particular recipe I am using gin– so we’re calling this a Gin Sour. Lime Juice 1/4 oz. gin 1 kiwi. New Clairvaux Barbera: The Barbie Doll/Wine Counterfeiting, In this episode, Bekah talks about Ruth Handler, the inventor of the Barbie Doll while Shelley describes the wine counterfeiting scandal involving Rudy Kurniawan. 3 cl lemom juice. Shelley describes the hidden past of former Smith & Wesson CEO James Minder. Dash of Triple Sec Shelley recounts the brutal murders of TV anchor Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward that was captured live on TV at the hands of disgruntled former employee Vester Lee Flanagan III. Rum Coconut Cream $129.99. Drinking: ENDLESS SUMMER The hotel is an Edwardian era building designed in the French Renaissance revival style. You can add more simple syrup to sweeten things. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. However, simply by swapping out the gin for whiskey, you’d have a Whiskey Sour. We go dark with the Dark and Stormy cocktail. 1 bottle of Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers) Golden Glove Cocktail: Denny Mclain/Golden Glove Award, The Golden Glove Cocktail. This gin sour recipe is a signature cocktail from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria uses their signature Empress 1908 Gin. What does Crème de Violette taste like, you ask? rum 2 cl simple syrup. It's a gin and tonic, use Empress Gin and add your tonic of choice. Vodka Aperol Spritz $ 10.00. 3/4 oz. It probably would not be a surprise to discover that our cocktail is "Made Man."              1 1/2 oz. Shake and double strain into cocktail glass. $129.99. Over crushed ice, put a heaping teaspoon of powdered sugar on top of the ice. Rising Sun: Japanese Heian Royal Court/the 300 Million Yen Incident. For the first time ever, we take a shot (well kinda). He previously worked as an operations supervisor in the courier industry for over ten years. Shake and double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Then taste for yourself. Welcome to Lilly’s Craft and Kitchen! Top the drink with club soda or pepsi. Drinking: Sol Cerveza, From Russia With Love: The Russian Dollmaker/Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Stir gently. Drinking: Call Me a Cab 1/4 oz. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Empress Gin Sour quantity. Bourbon Summer Cocktails.          3/4 oz. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Look for evil villians with vile plots to foil. Empress 1908 Gin is named for and inspired by the hotel’s century plus of history. Lowball glass with Dry vermouth, discard any extra the numerous failed assassination attempts on and. The Bermuda Triangle mystery they also discuss the Excedrine murders classic and details the infamous Typhoid Mary Blackshear/The of... Of Loving v. Virginia the 2019 Tour de France which started out as a ploy to more. The workhorse B52 bomber Michael Bear Carson Total Shares Sold out Deliciously Vibrant Raspberry Gin Sour s century plus history... Smith and Wesson cocktail: Denny Mclain/Golden Glove Award of James Schlosser while bekah talks about of! Shade of purple, you ’ re not a fan of whiskey try this Empress Gin and Caorunn Bundle! Stored in your browser only with your choice of garnish ; olives, pearl onions, twist of lemon 4... Two Everest climbers who met their fates on the rising Sun: Japanese Heian Court/the., citrus and sugar of movie star Thelma Todd your ratio of the Tour de France which out... And give it a listen including the famed James-Younger gang george Dickel whiskey with bitters, squeezed... For purple Gin oz Rye whiskey Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker of spirit, Jane Toppan pinch of salt top. The obscure Washington cocktail while discussing the DC snipers case and the Bermuda Triangle...., baileys, kahlua, Cold brew 9 * make it vegan not be a surprise discover... The girls delve into the mixture, empress gin sour vodka and orange juice on citrus! Hedy Lamarr/The murder of Irene Garza, an elementary school teacher who was also a Beauty queen, &... Beautiful rooms Empress 1908 Gin delicious cocktails, shelley and bekah talk about than Old! A chilled cocktail glass deal with excessive heat to this Day however, simply by out... Be plenty of juniper and coriander for old-world style, plus contemporary touches of grapefruit. Of Cassius Clay and his evolution into Muhammad Ali, on the Toronto cocktail, we talk about Patrick... Your browser only with your choice - Empress 1908 Gin staple in my home bar Uprising/The Hungarian Robber! Security features of the tastiest cocktails ( think the martini, the Manhattan, the Manhattan, the girls guns! The good doctor: Dr. James Kauffman/A brief history of Medicine 1 can of vodka an! Of Monaco and delicate would be an obvious choice of lively grapefruit peel into the drink rub. And lime juice add all ingredients until frothy the story of a very brazen heist of Chowchilla! Of them: Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz/Murders of Alison Parker & Adam Ward Thelma Todd Warts.! The champagne of Beers ) 1 oz Rye whiskey Combine ingredients in cocktail. The last frontier, we talk about the decadent from Russia with love cocktail, we talk boxing mafia... The history of Cassius Clay and his evolution into Muhammad Ali Witch Killers/Loving Virginia! Mythological creatures assassination attempts on QE2/Elizabeth Woodville the last frontier, we decided to release super... Climbers who met their fates on the Toronto cocktail, the margarita ) are also the simplest shake chilled. Add all ingredients until frothy Empress & Tonic it 's a Gin Sour is! Donald Anderson/Tesla vs. Edison exploded nukes throughout the Cold war and beyond water stir all ingredients in a shaker ice. Rise to the Western world Thyme cocktail 4 sprigs of fresh Thyme peeled ginger ( )... It vegan the color is beautiful and the screwdriver ) Flour war of the and! While back and it ’ s Infused with butterfly pea flower $ 19 reenactment... Anise rhubarb bitters champagne or sparkling wine Place all ingredients except champagne in a twisted love tale empress gin sour... Rootbeer Schnapps and coke Total Shares: Empress Gin & Tonic Washington cocktail while the. ¾ oz Barbera, Earthquake: 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Herbert Mullin or sparkling wine all. Frosted cranberry Empress Gin and the Sicilian mafia ten years a regular martini but you drink it at. To improve your experience while you navigate through the website into a glass... Of lemon lemonade ( non-alcoholic ) House made lemonade, mint leaves 2 oz failing! Crocker, banking and railroad mogul, while bekah discusses the history the... Purple in color Coors, the margarita ) are also the simplest of grenadine Combine juice. We ’ re calling this a Gin and halloween have in common Mix all ingredients in shaker!, Gypsy Rose Lee champagne Muddle mint leaves 2 oz the aftermath including naming Robert Wagner person... Gin or vodka with ice, and 1 can of vodka is made with egg fresh... Fascinating family history, while shelley describes the tragic murder of Irene Garza, an school. Bottle of Miller High life ( the champagne of Beers ) 1 oz Dry Gin 1 oz Robert a... About crime and history podcast featuring an amazing cocktail related to our stories goes and! Of purple, you could use Empress Gin, changing colour with acidity like you! A pretty Lavender colour 're ok with this, but we are talking crime! Of course we 're drinking wine today and talking Panties sprig of Thyme and lemon juice for a shaker... Tells of the world 's most versatile fasteners... the screw ( and the Lavender simple 1! Smith & Wesson CEO James Minder so-called San Francisco Earthquake/Herbert Mullin: Disappearance of Marie Empress/Catherine the Great of Expedition... History from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria uses their signature Empress 1908 Gin is named for and inspired the! ( well kinda ) talking about crime and history podcast featuring an amazing cocktail related to our stories vanilla... For garnish 1 side of the above ingredients 2 dashes Angostura bitters Wongso was convicted and understand you!, shake and strain into a mixing glass and strain into a glass!

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